Angela Mann


Angela Mann is a highly motivated natural light commercial photographer with a keen eye for detail. She is inspired by entrepreneurs and admires those who have a drive and passion for their business. As an artist with the camera lens she creates images that will help brand your company, sell your products, and help move traffic to your site.

She has been published in over 5 magazines and 80 articles along with her business partner, Ro Martinez. Angela is extremely patient and not afraid to think outside the box, she takes risks and will try new techniques to get your vision across. She makes it her business to make your business visible!


Ro Martinez

Creative Director

As creative director and secondary shooter for Angela Mann Photography, Ro Martinez uses her experience as a stylist, model and actress to set up commercial shots, displays, and direct experienced models as needed for our clients.

For over 30 years Ro has appeared in ads and commercials for Walt Disney, Busch Gardens, AT&T, Publix, Amscot and Bank of America just to name a few. Ro has worked in New York’s Fashion District and has been featured in catalogues, magazines, newspapers, brochures, posters, on the Internet, as well as billboards. She is also a published author with over 80 articles to her credit.

Victoria Mann

Victoria Mann


Victoria Mann has always had a passion for photography whether she’s in front of the camera or behind it. Victoria recognizes that photography is a form of art.

It is created to make you feel something; whether that be excitement, nostalgia, or the sudden craving for ice cream! Through her eyes of originality and overall dedication for excellence she adds a new and refreshing vibe to Angela Mann Photography.